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Friday, December 02, 2016

LIFE December 1956: Special Issue: The American Woman

Patricia Farrell: Links to some visual work

Last year Veer published Patricia's A Space Filled Completely Filled with Matter and I posted the publication details here. This work was a visual dance score written for Jennifer Cobbing and she performed it a number of times, with Jennifer and with Veryan Weston (See here for some details; and here).

The work may also be viewed here in low-fi, but the print version is the true representation of its glory. Here they are as raw links:

Here is an early addition to this blog here, a visual work by Patricia, 'Tomorrow's Attack Objects Talk'

Here are some images of Patricia installing her art work at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield, a brilliant set of 25 images to accompany Helen Tookey's poems, '25 Views of Japan'. 

A previously unposted image of Helen and Patricia dismantling the exhibition
See more images from Card Alpha here.

Read (no images) about the collaborative work with Robert Sheppard Fandango Loops here.

Here's a bonus track, as it were, the computer image Patricia made for the cover of my book The Poetry of Saying. I gave it the silly title Otherwise Than Beings, but then there are not many good jokes in the world of Levinasian studies!

Patricia in Amsterdam

Thursday, December 01, 2016

December 1956 Patricia Farrell Celebrations (Introduction and Index to all posts for her)

It happens to us all, and it certainly happened to me: becoming sixty. (See posts beginning here and here for my surprise in November 2015).

This year Patricia Farrell will be sixty on 12th December 2016. There will be private celebrations.

But I thought a more public celebration of her as an artist, poet, philosopher, teacher, etc etc might be in order. To this end I am planning to put up posts Pages this month, dedicated to her in some way (and to collate a comprehensive list of online resources of her work).

So the first few posts are going to start with facts.

Patricia Farrell lives in Liverpool. She is a poet and visual artist. She co-organised the SubVoicive reading series in London in the 1980s and was a member of the arts group New River Project.  She has collaborated with other writers and artists, most notably Robert Sheppard, as well the installation artist Jivan Astfalck, on the project B*twixst, and with Jennifer Cobbing, and Veryan Weston on the dance piece, A Space Completely Filled with Matter.  Her work is published in a range of magazines and collections, including A New Tonal language in the Reality Street‘4 pack’ series, as well as individual pamphlets: most recently, Seven Bays of Spirituality (Knives Forks and Spoons Press). She completed a PhD thesis in 2011 on poetic artifice in philosophical writing.  Her collection, The Zechstein Sea, was published by Shearsman Books in 2013.

The self-describing pages of her website may be accessed here: 

Patricia’s website is which is a neat updated account of her many overlapping activities.

This will also become a hub post, linking to posts as they appear:

Main posts:

Links to Patricia's visual work here.


American Woman: Life magazine December 1956 here.

Friday, November 25, 2016

North West Camarade is on its way!

This tour is in association with Steven Fowler's Enemies project. I will be organizing the Edge Hill leg (wing?) along with Tom Jenks, who is helping with the organisation and the pairings of writers. We are nearly there and a list will be available soon! Liverpool! Manchester! Leeds! Sheffield! (Ignore the poetic licence with geography and enjoy the poetry!)

More here: and more there later, as the pairs of writers are confirmed. I know I'm collaborating with Joanne Ashcroft (we intend to revisit our Slovak invention from EUOIA). And that Patricia Farrell is one of the touring poets.

More on all of this later...

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Simon Perrril at The Arts Centre, Edge Hill

Simon Perril read at the Arts Centre, Edge Hill University, on the 16th: a wonderful evening of poetry and visuals. He's carrying one of them below!
Simon Perril was born in 1968 and lives in Oakham, Rutland. His poetry collections include Nitrate (Salt) and A Clutch of Odes (Oystercatcher Press). He has written widely on contemporary poetry and poetics, and edited The Salt Companion to John James (Salt). He teaches at De Montfort University, Leicester, and loves silent movies and noisy music. And cats.
"My poetry roots go back to discovering the New American Poetry of the 50s and 60s and the "British Poetry Revival" of the 60s and 70s pretty much simultaneously, thanks to local book dealers in Cambridge, and the alternative academy that was Compendium bookshop in Camden, London. Reading the work of Iain Sinclair and Tom Raworth was particularly influential early on, and it didn't take long to find other contemporary 'linguistically innovative' poets as a student at Cambridge College of Art and Technology (now Anglia Ruskin University).”
 Recent books are the related Archilochus on the Moon (Bristol: Shearsman, 2014) and Between (Bristol: Shearsman, 2016)), both of which Simon read from. Before the evening he aired a new poetics piece for my MA group.
The first half featured winners of the Rhiannon Evans Poetry Award: Joanne Ashcroft, Laura Tickle, Sarah Billington, Steve Fletcher and Jessica Tillings, all of whom read well. Four of them are featured on Pages. See here for posts to 25 Years of Creative Writing at Edge Hill:


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Storm and Golden Sky: Allen Fisher and Linda Stupart 25th November in Liverpool

Storm and Golden Sky
     ·  Linda Stupart and Allen Fisher 25th November 2016

Allen Fisher has been involved in performance and poetry since 1962. A poet, painter, publisher, editor and art historian, he has produced more than 140 chapbooks and books of poetry, graphic and art documentation. He currently edits Spanner, lives in Hereford, and is Emeritus Professor of Poetry and Art at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has exhibited paintings in many shows, including one-man shows in London, 2003, and Hereford, 2013.

PLACE was Allen Fisher's now somewhat legendary poetic project of the 1970s. Originally published over several years as a series of interconnecting books, virtually all of them now unobtainable, it incorporated influences from Blake, Olson, Pope, Wordsworth, Robert Kelly, Walter Benjamin, Jung, Dickens, Foucault, Wilhelm Reich, Marxism, the Situationists, conceptual art and researches in mythology, linguistics, psychology, mathematics, immunology, topography, zoology and much else and yet remains unclassifiable.

The poems in the sequence Gravity as a consequence of shape, composed in the period 1982-2006, were previously issued in many journals and small publications and then eventually in three succinct volumes. This collected edition brings all of the poems from the sequence together for the first time into one volume.

Linda Stupart: Artist/Writer/Educator

Virus, her debut Novella, published by ARCADIA_MISSA, is available to buy here & read an excerpt of it here 

OTHER RECENT PUBLICATIONS: Hito Steyerl in Hito Steyel in Parkett. Vol 97/Sex Acts in How to Sleep Faster #6, Arcadia Missa /Walking the Street: Slutwalk and the Street in Return to the Street. Edited by Sofie Fuggle and Tom Henri. Pavement Books. Chris Kraus and the Empathetic Exchange of Objects in You Must Make Your Death Public: selected writing on Chris Kraus. Edited by Mira Mater. Mute./ Things Like Us and Them in …ment Journal. /Rematerialising Feminismadia Missa Press.  in Rematerialising Feminism. ARCADI_MISSA/ National Velvet in Eros: Woman Edition. Eros PressUntitled piece in Oh Wicked Flesh! Edited by Joseph Noonan-Ganley. South London Gallery.Friday in Idioglossia: an Art Writing Glossary. Edited by Joseph Noonan-Ganley. Hato Press. Old Wounds, Fresh Meat: A Year in South African Art in Art Review, September  2012./ Entanglement: A Love Story Set at dOCUMENTA 13. Art South Africa, Vol 5: issue 3.
7.30 (entrance £5)

At The Caledonia

(in the Georgian Quarter on the edge of Catharine Street and Caledonia Street: up the steep stairs at the back of the bar room)


Monday, November 14, 2016

Robert Sheppard at 60 An Educated Desire published a year ago

A year ago today (see here, here and  here) I was surprised at my 60th birthday party to be honoured with An Educated Desire: For Robert Sheppard at Sixty. (No getting away from it with a title like that.) The party was good. Above you can see me being given the book, and the one copy oddly found its way among the condiments, and also some evidence of the party's aftermath. Oh, and Rita. (The photos of revellers are not public documents, but Rita is a public figure!)

The book is still available from Knives Forks and Spoons here. It contains some wonderful textual and visual (and colour) work! Thanks again everybody, particularly Scott Thurston and Patricia Farrell.

The mathematically challenged will have trouble working out how old I am this year. Soon it will be somebody else's turn...

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Clark Allison; Second online review of The Meaning of Form

Perennial and Multifarious Forms
Clark Allison’s piece on Stride is the second notice of my book and is labelled carefully ‘a brief response to Sheppard’s Meaning of Form in Contemporary Innovative Poetry (Palgrave)’, but it’s not brief at all. It does have a particular focus, as he explains: ‘I am predominantly interested at this stage … in Sheppard’s critical methodology,’ and that’s what he gives us. Thanks Clark, and thanks Rupert for publishing. Do have a read:

There is another review by Ian Brinton (see here) and a general introduction to the volume (with links to various associated pages) here.

It may be purchased here: UK buyers

Clark’s review of my History or Sleep may be read here, and his piece on the state of British Poetry from 2008 may be read here. His poem 'Mind's Eye' may be read here from the earliest days of Pages here.